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On-Grid Solar Power Plants

Aditya Solar has installed over 30MWp of Solar Power Plants in the year 2011-12 and are in the process of doubling the capacity in the current financial year.

Aditya Solar specialises in installation & commissioning the array yard (DC section) of solar power plants.


Generally a grid connected Solar-Photovoltaic Power plant comprises of the following equipments

SPV Modules SPV Modules Monitoring Structures DC Cables
Array Junction Box Earthing & Lightning arrestors Grid Inverters
SCADA & Monitoring Equipment Switch Yard Transformers
Metering Yard etc. Gantries & Transmission to sub-stations  

Any Solar PV plant installation will need a few factors to be considered before starting-up the project implementation. Some of the very important factors are as below

Conducting a site assessment BOS Locations
Array Orientation  Selecting a system design
Array Location Adapting to a Mechanical Design etc.
Array Mounting Methods
solar power plant in india
Design Parameters & Considerations
To make the best use of solar PV modules, you will need to capture as much Sun-Light as possible therefore the best location to place the solar modules is to the south-facing (in India) side on the site. You also want them to be installed at a certain angle-about 10-30 degrees (depending on the latitude of the site locations).
Assuming that there are 4.5 hours are good sunlight per day, a 1KW solar PV system will produce 4.5KWh per day, and 135kWh in a 30 days month (4.5x30 days). Please keep in mind that the energy produced is in DC Volts, and when it goes through the conversions into AC, you lose about 10-20% of the electricity.

Note: All solar panel loose an average of  0.5% of  production output per year, or 10% through its 20 year warranty period also known as the degradation.

Commercial solar installations can range from 1MW to few 100MWs (1megawatt=1000kW). Commercial solar PV systems can supply power to the grid, or these may be called as solar farms-or a solar Power Plants supplying electricity directly in to electric grid.
The details of the projects installed by Aditya Solar  in various  locations of Rajasthan & Gujarat are :
1. 5Mwp at Village Gunthawada, Dist Patan, Gujarat
2. 5MWp at Village Tivri, Dist Jodhpur, Rajasthan
3. 5Mwp at Village Kheemat, Dist Palanpur, Gujarat
4. 5Mwp at Village Charanka, Dist Patan, Gujarat
5. 5Mwp at Village Bapodar, Dist Porbander, Gujarat
6. 5Mwp at Village Jainabad, Dist Surendarnagar, Gujarat