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Solar  Photovoltaic (SPV) Panel: 6V 3Watt
Battery type: Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Lead Acid Battery Dry Battery. Rating: 6V 4.0Ah to 4.5Ah
LED: Light Emitting Diodes 12 Nos. of high Bright White LEDs.
Solar Charging: Using a Multi / Mono Crystalline, High efficiency & long life ( 30 years) Photovoltaic module
AC mains charging: Optional SMPS type adopter (Use if cloudy climate & Rainy seasons)
Brightness: Full Bright & Dimming facility
Over charge Protection: Automatic charging cut off (if battery is fully charged)
Deep Discharge protection: LED Lights switch OFF Automatically. (if battery is discharged)
Auto ON/OFF or Dusk to Dawn: If solar panel is connected permanently with Solar Lantern and Switch is in ON position, The lantern will turn ON automatically when SUN sets and also turns OFF automatically when the Sun rises in the morning.

Long Back-up time: 15 hours on full bright