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solar led lantern

Aditya Jyoti

Aditya LED Solar Lanterns comprise of Solar module, Battery, Electronics (PCB), LED lamp, covered chimney and fitted in ABS housing.
The Solar Lantern is a portable light unit suitable for either indoor or outdoor covering 360° of omni light for daily use.
Aditya LED Solar Lantern is a highly efficient & portable light source, which gives an Omni directional bright light.
The Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) module provided with each lantern, charges the Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) battery which is fitted inside the lantern when the SPV module is exposed to the sunlight.
The battery will supply power to the Light Emitting Diode (LED) whenever required.
Safe and easy to operate Eco Friendly Light weight & easy to carry
Excellent protections and indications Rugged and attractive body made of ABS plastic Poly carbonate / UV stabilized acrylic light diffuser.
Technical Specifications
Model SPV Module Battery Lamp Charging Cable
Aditya Jyoti 12V 5WP 12V 7AH         3W LED 5meters 2core cable
Charge controller cum inverter

Reliable and high efficiency, driver circuits suitable for LED lamps and battery overcharge & deep discharge protections are incorporated in the electronics circuit.

Operating Time

5-6 Hours for Aditya Jyoti after a sunny day's full charging. However the operating time at one time when the battery is fully charged is 20 hours for Aditya Jyoti